Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas Eve, World!

It's Christmas eve! Now that just feels magical. (or it could just feel extra super duper magical because I just finished watching a "Christmas is full of magic" hallmark classic) but, just the same: it's a wonderful time of the year!
And you only get to say that once every 365 days, so that's pretty cool.

So... let's just say that "too much Christmas" and all the projects that entail have already taken me down the path of insanely yelling throughout my household "I am NOT picking any more pictures!! NO more picture picking!".  About every 5 seconds it seems I have to turn my head (or the iphoto picture album) onto the next project.  Which conveniently involves picking the exact right pictures for the exact right occasion or person.  Pleeease don't get me wrong, it's worth it every single time!  Every person that "the project" is for, I love dearly and they deserve more than what I have to give them.  Just, sometimes... it takes the sanity of my (busier than me) mom and a very, very patient and loving God to make me not go running off down the hill so that I never have to see two pictures that have to be picked between ever again.

SO! As being allowed to have a place to say exactly whatever I want  (Ah! no filter.) I suppose this is a very selfish place for me to very conveniently do whatever suits my fancy.  Therefore, as much as I would want to be able to come up with some extremely cool photos entirely relating to the magicfulness of Christmas, I'm afeard my sanity would fly out the window if I even tried to pick 5. Aaand as this is what I really have been wanting to do, I will post pictures of some of my favorite people! AND! Actually, even though the complete "not dreaming of a white Christmas" land I live in does not have snow, the pictures ARE Christmas themed as it was a photo shoot for Christmas cards. Yay!!
 Hope you get a little taste of the awesomeness I got to enjoy while shooting them.

 I like it a lot when she laughs.

 People in love are so beautiful.

 They are SO destined for parenthood!

 Now talk about that Christmas spirit!

 I love this moment.

 Oh, and this one. First kiss recreation.

THAT is a cool cat.

Happy, happy Christmas!!!

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