Thursday, December 16, 2010


A Nikon D3000: 400$
Driving to a pretty place: 15$
Getting people to be comfortable around a big, fat camera: hard work
The moment: Priceless.

How about those moments when you capture a person completely off guard?  No posing, no fake smiles, no instruction on where to stand- how to lean, where to place your hands... It's all real.  You just capture people living.  Living and being and breathing.  Most of the time it begs a story.  Lots of times it makes you want to laugh.  Other times it's just outstanding.  Every time: it's priceless.  It's not something that can be recreated, which makes the picture a once in a lifetime shot.  Being the photographer who is blessed so much as to be allowed in these moments is a kind of "blow my mind" way to live.

YAY for those moments!

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