Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Less Words; More Pictures

The pictures shall speak!

 See: they talk!


  1. I just finished going through your blog, Charissa! I recognized some of the photos you submitted for class! Lovely work! I'm a follower so as you post I'll try to comment. :-)

    Talk to you later!

  2. AAh!! I love all the little speaking children! :) and the legit friendship branch!!! and the hugest nose picture ever!! charissa!! ;) yes yes they are all talking to my face. :D

  3. Hehehehe! I've gone through this post at least three times. It makes me happy :) I love how your photography seems to do that to me! Favourite is definitely the last one: the talking children :D

  4. Oh, one question: How do you make your photos large like that?!? I always upload mine in the large size on blogger, but they are teeny compared to yours!