Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On A Kneady Day

Basically, here's the rundown:
My mom is amazing.
She does everything from smile in her sleep to make basil pizzas.
She is definitely my best friend.
She may be more prone to laugh at my booboo's than to kiss them, but I love her a lot. 
Aaaaand she makes really good bread.  
[Even when she's sick! (yea, to all yall that ordered bread this past week.... let me know the symptoms....;)  just kidding, she wasss sick, but she would not let it infect the bread! I don't know how, but she has super powers.]



  1. Love the outtakes! :-) Terrific job, Charissa! :-) I love the shot of the dough falling out of the bowl!

  2. Oh, I looove how you decided to do a story of your Mum kneading bread! It's creative and yet not complicated! I adore the overview in the third picture especially!
    Good job!

  3. Wow, Nutrimill Grain mill and Bosch mixer!? We have both too. =D