Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Today, I feel challenged.
Challenged to not worry about the rest of today.
Challenged to live the lifestyle God has given me.
Challenged to be willing to trim my hair with faith that it will keep growing after that.
Challenged to live and share my story.
Challenged to every day be a better photographer than I was the day before.
Challenged to be willing to hurt.
Challenged to speak truth, and nothing but the truth.
Challenged to meet challenge with a smile on my face.

Maybe it is because my brother is home and he is the epitome of challenge or maybe it is the new year, but (no maybes included) I do know, it is God who is challenging me.
And the funny thing is, God is the one challenging me, yet, ultimately, it is only Him that will have the ability to face that challenge (and with gusto)!! But, I am glad to not be facing big, scary challenges all on my own.  In fact, it is comforting that God is holding me in His hands while He presents these challenges.  It is actually really cool and gets my adrenaline rushing!

Somedays I feel like this:

And other days its more like:

Then sometimes I talk to God kind of like this:

Aaand a lot of days life is like this:

But I always want to be like this:

Strong, vibrant, sturdy. Never willing to leave God's hand.

Also, I'm excited to get to see this out of my window at 2 in the morning:

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  1. ah! iLike! ok ok so I like the hair challenge. and I love the speaking truth! and i'm blown up in my heart by all the beautiful faces AAANNndd the view you got with the crazy ninja bomber! wow. *heart singing*