Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Picture a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Okay! So to start this off:  Something a little late for Valentine's day and to honor amazing men who (although commercialism forces them to do so) get ahold of the good stuff to give to their ladies. :)

And now for something a little less delicious:

Since allllll the photographers are doing it! I hopped right along and joined the Project 365 train.  Or, it was more like I thought it was my own, original, brilliant idea, and it turns out millions have been doing since before I was 3.  But big thanks to Sonja Langford ( for giving me the nice, little push I needed to just do it!

So it has been one month! Here's a couple of the pictures and their sentences (not onnnnly was it challenging enough to take one picture per day, no matter where I am! but, some people thought it in need of further hard work... so everyday a sentence goes along with the picture. No judging!)

A life lived in light blooms the brightest.

Life is loved in all languages.

Life rocks my socks off.

1 ball + 10 pins = challenge.

Today, I took a _______.

Oh, I LOVE the rain!

My tears seem to have fallen on the outside, blurring the light and blurring the hope.

Life can make me smile.

If flowers were moments, good AND bad, I'd pick every one of them!

Just play thnexchordcause thresare unpredictable.

Don't stop playing dude!

^I think that last one is my inspiration to go onto the next round and take the next 31 pictures!

Well, this post has been:


  1. CHARISSA! These are so pretty! I tried doing a 52 week photo challenge, but I'm failing miserably so far. xD

    My favorite pics are the first one of the yellow flower, and then the one looking out the window. :)

    Lauren from TPS Photography

  2. Charissa!
    All your photos are pretty much amazing. <3
    I'm sooo glad you keep posting! It's great to see more photos than just the ones we see in class!
    Ashley from TPS photography class